documentary + non-fiction film tv & new media producer

John Howard Mitsuo Neely documentary and non-fiction producerJohn Neely is a documentary and non-fiction producer with over a decade of experience working at the nexus of technology, culture, and narrative. John has a keen interest in the co-evolution of methodology and story, and has pursued opportunities to expand his knowledge of delivery platform (viral video > feature film), production model (one-man-band > broadcast), and formal approach (experimental > mainstream episodic). Underlying this diverse methodological background is John's deep commitment to documentary storytelling, and the belief that while compelling story transcends the technology of the moment, technical agility is foundational to working in today’s media landscape.

John holds a Masters in Documentary Film Production from Stanford University, and a Bachelors in Art-Semiotics from Brown University. His work has screened in film festivals around the world (Full Frame, Seattle International Film Festival, Cinequest), on major international cable networks (Science Channel, Animal Planet, Travel Channel), in museums (Museum of Science Boston, Science Museum of Minnesota, Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art), and on the web. John’s work has taken him to five continents on shoots ranging in length from one day to several months on-location.

In addition to John’s work in documentary, he has a strong background in online publishing and marketing. He has written scripts for consumer electronics and software marketing campaigns (Panasonic, Intuit) and worked as a tech journalist and product reviewer ( Before entering the world of documentary, John worked in the trenches of the late nineties web boom and bust, as owner of a web design firm, and as a graphic designer for John currently resides in the Boston area.